about us.

Optume Capital assists a wide range of green centric businesses that require financing.

We specialize in providing expert advice for complex corporate transactions.

By leveraging insights and innovative strategies, Optume Capital offers borrowers an efficient and cost-effective process while providing investors with access to high yield ESG impactful investment positions. Investors appreciate the value Optume Capital brings to the transaction process.

Our team works closely with project management teams. We intensely share our specialist knowledge, experience, and capabilities. Our team members are well positioned in their core fields of expertise.


Our solutions

Optume Capital has experience in multiple asset classes, including and not limited to, energy, infrastructure, and power generation.

Our aim is it to assist investors and borrowers with market intelligence and best practice in the ESG investing space.

With the importance of ESG as an investment theme, Optume Capital is an active participant in a number of key 2030 green initiatives.

Our tools

To enhance transparency and security for both investors and insurers, we have built a platform with collaboration at its core. Its key focus is for Open, Effective, Collaboration.

We ensure the platform is compliant with the principles of the “Look Through Approach” set out in various regulations which include Solvency II, capital adequacy rules, and BIS capital retention rules.

The Optume Capital Platform helps clarify the strength, Impact and true potential in an opportunity while lowering risks to the investors.

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Our team

The management team includes experience across all aspects of debt capital markets and financial services. We're truly a global investment banking Consulting Group with teams in Budapest, Iceland, Michigan, New York, Cyprus and London. Our team of experts have extensive, specialist knowledge and our collective team focus is always on value creation.

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